A bout a day in my life

I want to talk about a happy day in my life. One day when I was going to Khartoum to buy clothes, I got in the bus.I wanted to sit near the window. I saw a beautiful girl coming in the bus. When I saw her, she made my heart beat.Because I found my self in her. She came and sat next to me at that moment I felt my heart fly. And I said to her are you going to Khartoum? She answered me with a smile: yes but why are you asking? Then I said to her because I am going to Khartoum too.
In a short time we knew each other. Although it was a short story but it was very nice.


Abouta famous person

I want to talk about the famous football player called Ronaldinho. He is from Brazil, the country in which he was born The football legend player Ronaldinho is well know and famous all round the world I n season 2005-2006.in that year he astonished people with his skills. He was up normal in his merriments and always come with new skills. By this way Ronaldinho got inside people heart.
That's why I am fond of him.


My Mobile Phone

I use 2760 Nokia phone. The mobile is important in my life. I have Zain chip in Sudan. I bought my mobile from the market. It's a new model. I use it for chatting with my friends. I spend talking about 6 hour a day. I talk on my mobile any time. I send 10 SMS in one day. I receive 7 SMS a day.
I spend 5 pounds for recharging your mobile.I have no any problems in connection. The teens use mobile in Sudan a bad way.


My holiday

I'm still thinking about my last holiday, because it was more fun and so interesting .First my father told us to be ready to travel to Tabat. After two days, we went to Tabat and we found a celebration made for our family to meet our old friends. We met them and remembered the beautiful memories. That is the thing which made my holiday the best in my life.

How I use the Internet

I speak about the Internet. It is useful in many ways.First in my talk the with the world. I can chat with my friends. Second we can know more things about the world.

About me

My name is Alshafi. I live in Althaura. I play tennis. I am a student in University of Science and Technology. I have 3 brothers and no sister. I love my mother and my father and my brother. I sometimes go to shopping. I listen to music Hip hop and reading newspapers. This is about me.